How to make an Impressive Freelance Portfolio?

freelance portfolioIf freelancing or online earning is your interest then, it is good news for you because there are innumerable opportunities that enable you to work from home. Of course, not all the freelancing jobs are knocking your doors in the beginning, in fact, you have to ignite your efforts and time in the start of your career.
Just like the regular job, in online job you have to show your resume to present your experience and skills to qualify for the applied position. To better impress the potential employers and in freelancing job we named them clients, you have to present them with your portfolio or a comprehensive summary of your entire freelancing potentials.

Mostly freelance jobs require the freelancers to work from the ease of home through the internet that is why making a strong portfolio you steps ahead of the competitors for the applied post.

Where to go for portfolios?

There are some reliable and good sites that offer free account to start your freelancing career (In case you’ve no idea on how to start a promising freelance career and which freelance site to choose, then you’d find tutorials at the end of this article). They offer ample room to build a strong portfolio. Moreover, you can also get your own domain name and hosting services for a more controlled online portfolio. Being a beginner in the freelancer race of course, you haven’t got any freelance job, so you definitely think what to include in the portfolio to grasp the attention of potential clients. The content you will include in the portfolio must showcase your skills and expertise. Here are some useful tips

  • If you master the art of graphic designing then, upload some banners, images, visual designs and similar other things you have done for your personal use. But, remember it must have a professional look.
  • Being a web designer, you can easily make an attractive website to grape the needed attention.
  • Freelancers offering audio and video services can make some professional videos and can upload them easily.
  • If you are looking for writing jobs then, make sure all the samples you have added in the portfolio are masterpieces. Perfect spelling and grammar and the ways you advertise your skills through words make you ahead of the mob.
  • For other online jobs like project management, consulting, virtual assistance services, translation and transcription services, data entry and research you just have to add your areas of expertise and add your work experience you have up till now. But, make sure that it is relevant to the job you are eyeing. For instance, you have secretarial work experience then; you can apply for virtual assistants and administrative freelance jobs.
  • If you are in management or marketing field then, you have to apply for jobs looking for a business consultant and the project manager.

Moreover, never ever forget to add your educational background and extra certifications. Also add the years you have attended high school and university. Additionally, include the companies or organization in your portfolio you worked in the past to exhibit your expertise and credibility.

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Thanks for reading it till the end. Now it’s your turn! Let me know if you’ve any query or something to suggest or add to to what I’ve mentioned regarding portfolio making, just shoot it using the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to read and answer your comments. Good Luck!

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