E-Book Writing- A Famous and Lucrative Online Earning Idea

Ebook WritingWriters or people passionate about writing will appreciate this idea. It is also getting popular because of the invention of modern and advanced gadgets that are specialized for reading E-books. If you like to tell stories and love to share the things you experienced through writing then master the art how you can convert your thoughts and information and put them in words to shape them into an E-books format that is acceptable by the online marketers and make it a source of your earning. Amazon and ebay are the ideal sources for selling your books and making money.

What is E-book?

Actually E-book is an abbreviation of electronic book, it is digital form of the book that can be stored in flash and computer, then, one can read this book through modern gadgets like smartphone and tablet. The invention of E-books removes the bothersome of carrying books in bulks. The format of E-book depends on the application of software so, while composing E-books must take into consideration different formats of all the latest gadgets that will make the high availability of your book and increase your sale. The most famous e-book readers are kindle tablet, as it has particularly developed to download and read ebooks, one can download these books from online stores. iPhone, iPads and all smartphones are able to read ebook format.

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Skills and Investment

This form of online business does not require any special skills or investment, it just needs the talent of writing that you can sell. There are different choice for writing books like if you are not much better in writing technical and deep topics then you can choose simple topics like kids’ stories, kids stories books are the most purchased books in online business. This is an ideal business for women and especially mothers, like they can write about parenting tips from their personal experience, on cooking books and other housekeeping ideas. They can choose the topics of fashion, decoration, about baby care and there is a great list of other women’s interest topics through which they can earn money.

E-book Conversion

Apart from writing you also have to know about E-book conversion how to convert word file in Ebook. Lulu and smash words are the best websites while publishing E-books, these are affiliate websites and you can submit E-book. Amazon kindle store can also be used to convert a word file into E-book, as it is free and one can use it. But it has one drawback that this book cannot be sold to any other site. E-book formats are of various types, it includes ePub, PDF, Mobi pocket and HTML.

Those who just started to sell their ebooks they have to stick to ebay and Amazon as these are the best platforms. In this way you don’t need to set your own website, after gaining popularity you can arrange your online retail store for your own written ebooks, this can be another best and high profit idea. One can use many other affiliate ways for Ebooks writing, marketing and selling online.

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