Top 3 richest people in the world – 2012

richest peopleIt always interesting to know about the richest people in the world, what they do? what they like? It’s always a great source of motivation. Every year a list comes out, which tells us about the world’s richest people. According to the recent list top 3 richest people are as follows.

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos-Slim-HeluThe last one tells us that the richest person of the world is from Mexico. Carlos Slim Helu operates a telecom company and has a net worth of $69 B. He is a telecommunication tycoon. He is a self-made person who has made his money in this sector. He also contributes to the society in shape of Philanthropy. If his own words to be believed, he doesn’t carry any interest in the tag of “world’s richest man”. He says that the money can go away quickly. He has strong opinion regarding the criticism he faces various quarters. However, when you gain such success, it is just natural that you face a lot of people. On the way to the top, you have to leave people behind. It is just expected that you may leave some people offended on the way up. He has put in a lot of money in promotion of sports in Mexico. This shows his interests and liking of sports. May be he wanted to be a sportsman himself, that is why he is helping in developing world class athletes for his country. Whatever may be the case; his generosity will only bring benefits and positives for Mexico in the long run.

Bill Gates

Bill GatesWho doesn’t know Bill Gates? He is like Michael Jackson of computers. His popularity is beyond boundaries across all continents. We all know his field. The computers we use so frequently at our homes are due to Mr. Gates tremendous efforts. He has brought a revolution in the industry and has a net worth of $61 B. He remains the 2nd richest person in the world. He has given up his full time work in Microsoft and has focused on philanthropy and charity work. His charity organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has brought a lot of change throughout the world. In India, he has helped eradicate polio. This shows his commitment to make this world a better place. He has tried hard to give the world something back. His efforts are commendable. He is a self made man. All his earnings are due to his genius mind. He has brought a new dimension in the life of general public. He has brought a dynamic change in human lives.

Warren Buffet

Currently the world’s richest person in the world is Warren Buffett. He is considered among the wisest investor of the world. He is considered a guru of investing.  He is also accepted as the top most influential people in the world. He has made lot of investments in diverse fields and countries and has a net worth of $44 B. According to some this is the secret of his success. He always had the art of keeping and making money. In start, he also did some jobs. Like most other rich people he has tried to give something back to the society. He has given a lot of money to charity organizations. So, we can say that the charity trait is common in the world’s top 3 richest men.

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