Top 13 Profitable Niches in Q4 2012 – 2013

top profitable niches 2012 - 2013There are different blogs present on the internet but, all the owners are not getting more money from their blogs. Bloggers can kill 2 birds with a stone by providing the quality content according to the requirements of the readers and earn revenue for themselves because blogging becomes the way of self-employment now.
For this therefore there should be a niche to make research, communicate with the people to come to know about what the people spend their money and where they go online. The niches should be best where you will be able earn more money as a successful blogger. But, do not compromise on your standards anyway.

Picking up a pen and paper to write just because you want to earn money through blogging is a wrong approach. Before you start writing, you must be aware of the right place to go and also look to anticipate the working method. The 1st step to blogging is trying to find out what people desire and how will you manage to get traffic on your blog  (Read:  5 Basic Tips to Achieve Quick Web Traffic). I’ve listed the top 13 profitable niches below :

1. Technology

The people usually go towards what they are looking for. For example, if they love mobile phones blackberry, iPhones, iPad, android, etc. then, you can generate more cash by making them available with the useful information about latest gadgets and latest tech tips in this niche.

2. Icons

Achievement always attracts the friends and everyone either unconsciously or consciously wants to identify those people who are successful in their lives. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is a successful footballer, so, he has the largest fans on Facebook (about 47m fans). There is a huge market to know about famous icons- celebrities, musicians, swimmers, footballers, athletes, boxers, wrestlers, etc.

3. Blogging helps

Some sort of help is required by the new bloggers in the different niches of blogging like scripts, HTML, widgets, writing gadgets, SEO, etc. They can earn more revenue by getting help from blogging tips and tutorials. There comes a great difference by adding tutorial e-books, videos, etc.

4. Health tips

If ever you visit the specialist hospital then, the thing that will confuse you will be the patient’s count– females, males, children, adults, that group in order to know the various specialist doctors. The question is that why they come to visit the hospital? Offering health tips for the problems which people face can make you wealthier. Best researched subjects on women health, men health, muscle building, weight loss, disease anticipation, etc. can help the people a lot by getting superior care of the health and all together you can also earn a huge sum of money on it.

5. Web design

Everything like business, hospital, school, games, sports, etc. are shifted to the internet to build the awareness of their presence. So, it is the necessity now a day to know how to develop or design a website. Even by teaching the people about that how to develop or design a website and also newest methods to do it can generate more profit.

6. Marriage tips

The marriages are collapsing nowadays due to the increase in the ratio of divorce worldwide. People with relationship need help, and they want to know that how they can shun the pitfalls in relationship. So, you can help them by solving their problems and can receive monetary compensation. The earning might not be in a direct form; it can be by advent positioning on your blog or by other ways.

7. Money and Business

Poverty is a humiliation and everybody wants to thrust above poverty. The society doesn’t respect and accept poor people, and they are considered orphans. Hence, it is understandable that poor people try hard to stamp out of poverty. Poor individuals are barely acknowledged in the society. So, majority of the people are combating to avert poverty. It would be really a good idea to make a blog which contains ideas of making money. It would also be helpful if you can make them learn ways to establish business with no or little capital and to be financially stable. If you give away tips that are worthwhile, your blog will catch the attention of the users very quickly and your blog work same as ATM machine.

8. Social media

Almost all of us have now got accounts on twitter, Facebook, pinterest, Badoo, Google+, Myspace etc. A human being is always interested in networking with each other. If you use social media as a carrier for your blog, it will be very helpful for you. With the help of social networks, you would be able to attract a lot of readers and earn good money too.

9. Software

Software is required to do any kind of work online or on a personal computer. A lot of people are worried about hacking and virus attacks. They want to keep their accounts safe and also creating websites which are interactive. People also want to execute their work on auto-responder. So, people are looking for information related to software. If you can make a website which tells the readers about the latest software and give them helpful information about software, then you will be able to make good money.

10. News

Everybody, today urge to know more. So, if you maintain a blog which tells the public about the latest happenings and news, then you would be able to attract people to your blog. This is the reason CNN, Fox news and CBS are doing worthwhile businesses.

11. Sports

Sports blogs are always in fashion. People are always interested to know about sports. If you write about any sports such as basketball, football, wrestling, rugby, baseball, swimming, athletes, boxing, cricket, it will make your blog eye-catching for the reader.

12. Funny hubs

Are you born with a funny bone? Can you make people smile? Then you will be a successful blogger. If you can share funny picture, videos on your blog or share jokes you will become a rich person.

13. Accommodation

It is a fact, that a large number of people in the world face problem related to accommodation. In this day and age, a lot of town and cities face the issue of overpopulation. People find it difficult to find accommodation. If you give information related to accommodation, a lot of people will read about it which means money for you. You must put up information related to available homes and rooms.
A blogger can earn a lot of money if he or she is able to find the right target market. The idea of the blogger is simple. You should give the reader, what they want. As long as you are capable to satisfy the reader, you will be able to make money by blogging.

Did I Miss Something?

I’ve shared with you the top 13 profitable niches that are highly profitable (if you’re blogging for money), in my opinions. If you wanna add one or suggest something, please use the comment box below.

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